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Step 1. Review our Vacation Eligibility Requirements 

Step 2. Review our Evaluation & Selection Process

Step 3. Complete the V4W Application



The vacations provided by Vacations for Warriors, our sponsors, and supporters are for U.S. servicemen and women who have been severely wounded or injured during military service. Vacations for Warriors' mission is to provide once in a lifetime vacations to the medically retired, former, or active wounded service members and their immediate family members.

Our criteria for granting a vacation is generally as follows:

An 80%-100% or greater, combined disability rating with a single physical disability rating of 30% or greater for injuries or wounds sustained during combat in one of the following specific categories:

  • Blindness/loss of vision

  • Severe Burns

  • Spinal cord injury/paralysis

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Loss of one limb, arm or leg, or more.


The following sets forth the vacation selection process for Combat Wounded Veterans and active duty personnel of the United State Military for vacations provided by Vacations for Warriors.


After Vacations for Warriors receives a completed and eligible Vacation Application form, and based upon the number of vacations that Vacations for Warriors elects to grant during the next rolling 12-month period, the President of Vacations for Warriors will make a recommendation to the board as to the granting of a vacation for a wounded soldier and their spouse and/or immediate family member(s).

The granting of a vacation requires positive votes equalling at least 51% of the Board of Directors.  

Vacations for Warriors will seek out eligible soldiers through referrals from previous vacation recipients, VA personnel, active duty Military personnel, and direct contact with injured soldiers that we become aware of through a variety of sources.  We welcome applications and nominations. 

New vacations will be considered on a quarterly basis.  Please note that we have far more candidates than available vacations; no application is guaranteed to receive a trip. 

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