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Nick Kruthoff

-Hawaii 2018-

Nick, his wife Katarzyna, daughters Ella and Emma went to Hawaii for vacation.  Here are Nick's own words describing his journey through his injuries and recovery, and what the Vacation for Warriors experience meant to him and his family.

"During my last deployment to Iraq (Ramadi 2006) my squad was hit by another IED. I took it to the face and right side leaving me blind in an eye and a little wiggle when I walk but I knew I was lucky and the injuries could of been a lot worse.  I don’t like to admit it but I deal with PTSD symptoms, sometimes serious.  My little brother Paul, who was also an Iraq vet, killed himself a few months prior to my wife speaking with Mr Bob DeMonbrun from Vacations for Warriors.  My dark hole I typically find myself in was pretty deep at the time and I was struggling with holding it together.

My relationship with my wife was unintentionally taking a turn for the worse and I lost the ability to put smiles on her and my 2 daughters’ faces.  I needed my girls to grow up loving me or what’s the point so my kick ass wife and Mr. Bob was able to give me a kick in the ass and pull me out of pretty miserable times and I couldn’t be more grateful.  VFW and all the patriots we met along the way who blessed my family with their kindness and an absolute once in a lifetime vacation are heroes to me. This trip really turned the direction in the way my girls saw their dad, and it’s true “Happy Wife Happy Life”.

Thank you and keep up the good work you’re making a difference!"

Nick Kruthoff in hawaii.jpeg
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