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Greg Galeazzi

-Hawaii 2014-

On May 26, 2011 Captain Gregory Galeazzi, US Army 4th Infantry Division, was seriously wounded in Kandahar Province  The blast cause severe injuries to his legs and right arm.  Located in a very remote area, timely medical attention was a long shot and Greg thought he was dying.  Fortunately, he was able to reach a medical base, but the nightmare was just starting.

Greg required amputations of both legs and his right arm was critically damaged.  He endured over 50 surgeries, hundreds of hours of physical therapy, and numerous months as a hospital in-patient.

But the traumatic experience and new limitations did not diminish Greg's dream of becoming a doctor. 

“Not only did I still want to practice medicine, but it strengthened my resolve to do it,” he explained.


Greg and his brother, who was also in the Military, vacationed in Kauai in the Summer of 2014 courtesy of Vacations for Warriors.  The vacation came at a great time for Greg and was just the relaxation he needed to focus on restarting his education. 

Over the next few years, Greg completed more than 18 pre-medical courses and achieved his desired score on the MCAT entrance.  He was accepted into Harvard Medical School in 2017 and is the only student who uses a wheelchair in his class of 165 students. He has not yet decided what type of medicine he’ll eventually practice, but is leaning toward a primary care field.  He also looks forward to marrying his fiance Jazmine Romero in 2018.

Greg's acceptance into Harvard Medical School and was featured on ABC News:


"From War Hero to White Coat: A wounded Veteran's Journey to Harvard Medical School"

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