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Bryant Lamphier

-Kauai 2018-

Bryant Lamphier joined the Maine Corps in 2009, where he was 1371 Combat Engineer with 2nd CEB. He deployed to Afghanistan in 2011. On April 4, 2011, just three months months into his deployment, his squad was sent on an op to a village just outside of Sangin Valley. During this op, Bryant and his squad took mass casualties. Him and his team leader were clearing a building littered with IEDs when the very last one they were unearthing went off. Bryant was medically evacuated to Bethesda Naval Hospital where he received care for 2 months. After he was released, he was sent to Richmond VA hospital where he was admitted to the polytrauma unit for another month.

Bryant sustained many wounds that day, including shrapnel wounds to both logs, right arm and face, nerve damage, loss of eyesight in his right eye, and a TBI. He suffers daily from leg pain and headaches, as well as deals with PTSD. Later on, Bryant received a Purple Heart, and unfortunately his injuries lead him to be medically retired at the age of 22.


To this day if Bryant could still be a Combat Engineer he would. He loved the Corps, the brotherhood and had only ever dreamt of being a Marine. However, Bryant is currently retired and doesn't work because of limitations caused by his injuries. He cares for his 5 year old daughter, Kelsie. When Bryant feels good, he loves anything outdoors. Despite everything that Bryant has been through, he would do anything to help a friend in need if he can.

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