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Bill joined the 82nd Airborne Division in April of 2001. Not long after he got through basic training, the 9/11 attack happened. Bill was deployed to Afghanistan 2002-2003. When he got back, he suffered and continues to suffer from PTDS, hearing loss, shoulder and back damage. Not even a year later, as Bill was on a training mission, a Special Forces soldier hit him with a F250 pickup truck doing 70mph. Bill was on foot when he was hit and the truck took his left leg, shattered both bones in both arms, broke his back, made his PTSD significantly worse, causes memory loss, and many other injuries. He had extensive surgeries and physical therapy at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. After recovery, Bill continued his service down at Bragg where he medically retired in June of 2006.

Bill and his wife have 2 children, ages 14 and 11. Their family enjoys boating, fishing, shooting, hiking, and quad riding. Bill is also their daughters softball coach.

Bill currently works at the VA Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA as a motor vehicle operator. He loves what he does because he gets to work outside. He was also on the board for Segs4Vets where he taught amputees how to ride a Segway and then they were awarded with one of their own.

Bill Essary

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