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Alexander Hussey

-Disneyland 2016-

Army Specialist Alexander Hussey was severely injured in Afghanistan in 2012. He lost two legs and several fingers and suffered a traumatic brain injury in the attack. Alex was with the 82nd Airborne; seven other soldiers were involved in the explosion, two of whom died.

Alex and his wife Kimbrely were high school sweethearts.  They remained together while Alex served his country and Kim was at his side for the six months he was in a coma.  Alex awoke from that coma screaming and Kim was right there.  He has been through numerous and rigorous surgeries and therapy and continues to fight for his recovery.

Alex and Kim were finally able to marry in the fall of 2013 but were not able to honeymoon or even live together as he was hospitalized.  The Husseys were granted a vacation in 2015 but Alex's health forced several delays and changes to their travel plans.  But in 2016 they were able to travel with Disneyland to celebrate their honeymoon and enjoy time with family.  

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